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*}{* Honorsquad celebrates its 20th Anniversary on April 11, 2020.

Members from =X= (X Force One), =VA= (Vets Alliance) formed =XVA= (X Vets Alliance) briefly before splintering into the formation of 2 separate squads, Sabre Corps <|SC|> which was created on 4/4/01 by LadyHawke <|SC|> & Bauhaus <|SC|>.


A week later, on 4/11/00, Lion*}{*Heart & Lioness*}{* created *}{* Honorsquad.� Many of the old XVA members joined both squads, since their were no squad only policies in effect.� Both Squads took off & recruited members.� *}{* Honorsquad had over 270 members in its 9 years from every continent, except Antarctica.

< Click Photo Link & see our Members. Drop me a message if I left someone out.


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The Honorsquad was created on 4/11/00, when members of an elite force of Delta Force Warriors set out in a new direction.� A leader emerged and ran the squad with a few close friends and his wife from the former squad. Lion*}{*Heart & Lioness*}{* , our founders helped elevate the Honorsquad and launch it into a global community.� The squad grew over the years and became truly intercontinental.� Members appeared from the U.K., Canada, China, Australia, Sweden, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and yes, here in the United States to name a few.� We had a common bond, to play & host games that we could control.� This was before the Punk Buster days where the host was god and could control who could stay & who needed to go.� The greatest Map Makers emerged in the DF2, DFLW, and TFD days.� Camaraderie's flourished and the squad was united.� I joined and met many of the people from the UK who introduced me to the squad.� I thought it was a great thing that in a world this size, that I could converse and play a game with someone across the globe.� Friendships also occurred and members traveled great distances to meet up with other members.�� I wish to rekindle the old times.�

We won�t leave our friends behind because their is Honor Among Friends, we will rebuild Honorsquad!

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Think you have what it takes to be a Part of the Honorsquad?


Rules to Join *}{* Honorsquad }MH{



Please read the following brief rules CAREFULLY� before continuing! By submitting this application you are accepting the following rules and agree to abide by them. Violation of these rules will warrant the immediate review of your current status in our squad.



1)Believe in God, Country and Family !!!

2)We do not cheat nor try to gain any advantage through the use of illegal mods, trainers or glitches.

3)Do not "MURDER" for any reason. ("Murder" is defined as "purposely killing fellow team members in a cooperative or team game.")

4)No *Extreme* behavior is allowed.

5)In the event of a fight/argument between players, both parties may be promptly punted or banned from further play.

6)Do not bring a NEGATIVE (Bad Ass/I am God/Who's Your Mama type) ATTITUDE!!!!!

7)Abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated.

8)Ventrilo is a must for communication, ICQ is also useful.

9)If after 3 months of being in the squad and you have not been heard on Ventrilo or seen on ICQ , or If no one

in our squad has seen or heard from you then you will be considered not in our squad after you receive a letter asking you if you are still in. If there is no reply then it will be assumed that you are no longer a member and will be removed.

10)We all do the best we can, but we are only human. Mistakes will occur and unintentional murder from friendly fire may occur. Always apologize immediately to the person involved if this happens.

11)Try not to complain of connection speeds or combat tactics.

12)Any repeat offenders are subject to discharge.

13)Having Fun is our main objective.


Please fill out the accompanying application questionnaire with the information that will help us learn more about you. Share with us what talents and experience you would bring to our widely diversified group. Then email the application back to us. Any questions about our squad just e-mail us.�

NOTE:All prospective new recruits must undergo a mandatory probationary trial period of 3 weeks from the time of notification of receipt of your application. The probationary period will consist of playing in games with us and being on Voice communication (Ventrilo) with us so we can get to know you. After you complete the trial period, you will be notified of the results and if you are successful, you will be Officially awarded the Squad Stripes of our squad. Thank You.