We have Members from all parts of the world. 


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Our Allies

These gaming groups were started for the same reason's The Honor Squad was. We highly recommend you play with them online. They're tough, skilled and definitely honorable.

~*BA*~ Battlefield Angels
The Battlefield Angels are a NovaLogic Delta Force: Task Force Dagger Co-op Medic squad. They started up in November 2002. Since then, they have grown into a respected member of the co-op community.

*CF* Coop Fighters
We have been allies with *CF* for a few years already and just like their website states "The BEST Med Squad in the business!".. well that sum's it up! Look for the *CF* coop servers when your in TFD/BHD next time!


{FBI} & {REGz} FBI Clan
The FBI Clan is a group of devoted gaming enthusiasts who strive to maintain a positive, mature, cheat-free, and insanely intense gaming environment for our members and guests. Our Mod Madness series is legendary and attracts players from around the world...and our Mod Team continually innovates to make it better each day.


}MH{ Military Honor Squad

The Original home of the Honorsquad formed by Lion*}{*Heart & Lioness*}{* with a few close friends from the old XVA squad. On 12/5/03 when Lion*} {*eart passed the reigns over to 4 CO's, now 2 and also dates back to 4/11/00 when the squad was first assembled. It was with great sadness on 6/21/04 that LionHeart announced that he & Lioness were going to leave Honorsquad and turn off the Military Honor Webpage due to its rising costs.  Help came through & Military Honor was born.

-)RR(- Rebel Resistance
Rebel Resistance was created on 3/8/04. It's a place for all those skilled rebels to join. A place for those who were kicked, banned, just hate their old clan leader's b!@#$, or just a skilled single marksman to relax and kick some a!@ without the worry of ever being kicked or banned. They are fine group to play with online. Look for -)RR(- in the BF:1942 and BF:VN lobby's.


<|SC|>  Sabre Corps

The Sabre Corps cooperative unit was created on 04 April, 2001 by LadyHawke and bauhaus.

The founders of Sabre Corps are former members of VAX, short for Vets Alliance, and X-Force One squads.

Sabre Corps is a Delta Force unit that plays only Co-Op maps in DF1, DF2, DFLW, DF:TFD, DF:BHD, and Joint Operations. We also make maps for DF2, DFLW, DF:TFD, and Joint Operations.

>RTF< - Rebel Task Force
Mostly a COD 4 squad, >RTF< has our backs in our BF 2142 Ranked Server.  Stop by & register on their page.