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It’s our aim to get the games that we currently play hosted on the server.  Check back for further updates.

You can contact me through a Private Message on the Forum.





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Also check out where we started }MH{ Military Honor Page



Honorsquad Racing at www.honorsquad.net is pictured above.

News & Updates

3/14/05  If you haven’t visited in awhile, you’ll notice a few changes.  Mr.*}{* decided to leave *}{* and move onto )RR( and dedicate more time to BF2.org and his own projects.  We at Honorsquad wish him well with his future endeavors.

3/16/05  Temporary Ventrilo channels set up for allies =WW= & SG1.

3/18/05 Sub-domain SG1 added as they were losing there other webpage.

3/20/05  Our hard drive server crashed & was replaced.  We were given a new IP for the new server and the page was offline because it was pointing to another domain.  It took a few days to get the server back up & running.    In the Interim the server address was forwarded to www.honorsquad.org so that people could post feedback.  The new Pages were put up a few days later, so sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

4/11/05 marked our 5 yr anniversary of Honorsquad and the new pages were up.

4/27/05 Forums & Guest Book added along with Sigs, Members, Allies, and they’ll be more to come!

5/4/05 Webpage updated to include DF Xtreme. 

6/5/05 Webpage updated to include, “Honor Squads– We Got Your Back *}{* & }MH{ Page Choice.”

12/28/05 Updated to include BF2 & New }MH{ Forum.

12/31/05 Added a 30 Person Ventrilo Server for the Honor Squads *}{* & }MH{.

2/14/06  Added a 32 Player Call of Duty United Offensive Server, *}{* Honorsquad }MH{.

2/20—5/9/06 An Honorsquad Mod is formed for Cod UO.   Skins & weaponry are updated.

6/4/06 Work begins for a Cod UO Total Modification.

6/14/06 Honorsquad.com Server meltdown.  So a new Server was installed.

6/22/06 Honorsquad.com New Nuke Theme installed.

7/1/06 Everyone offers their opinion on boosting traffic to the *}{* Honorsquad.com }MH{ CodUO CTF  Server, so for a few weeks we host Stock maps.

7/2/06 WhiteWolf helps out with the Honorsquad.com site.

7/23/06 Military Honor Squad Site backed up as it was becoming too costly; however funds were issued to keep it going another year!

7/28/06 Too many cooks tweaking the website may have fracked up things quite a bit.

8/15/06 It seemed evident that those who were trying to help get the modules & blocks working may have made some critical deletions, so a newer page went up with help from Ace-SG1.

10/1/06 Military Honorsquad site updated.  Members removed who have left the squad.  We start playing Delta Force Xtreme along with a mod from Bear Force Swarm.  We’re back to making maps, etc…

11/15/06 Fresco*}{* returns….

12/10/06 We get back into hosting BF2142 & playing the Demo.  After playing both Conquest & Titan, we all agree that Titan is better.

12/25/06  Christmas Presents from Santa– Retail versions of BF 2142.

12/28/06 Gameservers.com (Formerly Clanservers) converts our CodUO server to a Ranked 32 Player Battlefield 2142 server.

1/4/07 Wyz*}{*Guy re-emerges with a new computer & talks with us on Ventrilo.

1/17/07 Honorsquad.com registration problem is fixed.

2/7/07 Honorsquad.com has launched two additional servers, a Ranked BF2 server aptly named honorsquad.com *}{* and a Ranked BF2142 server for our other half here at Honorsquad, called honorsquad.com }MH{.

4/11/07 *}{* Honorsquad }MH{ celebrates its 7th Anniversary.  A Call of Duty United Offensive Server is Launched along with a Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Server.  Check out all our Servers on Page 4.

5/13/07 Honorsquad.com sends out Mother’s Day Flowers to Our Co-Founder & honorary Mother of the squad, Lioness}MH{ & newest member & mother, Saobao*}{*Gigi.

5/30/07 Honorsquad.com moves website providers from Hostrocket to Hypernia.net.  Hypernia gave us a website & the domain was propagated to the new Host.  In addition to the Website, Hypernia also offers several IP’s in order to host the games that we want to play.  SG1 is now defunct; however Ace still is hosting his KalOnline server.

Summer 2007 We gained a few players while hosting our Ranked BF2142 Titan Server.  For a bit we also added a Ranked Conquest BF2142 Server, but shut it down when people mostly wanted to play Titan Mode.

2/11/08 Game Tracker Stats added to the Servers and by April we had over 5000 players on our BF 2142 Ranked Server.  We had well over 10,000 players by the end of the year as we mainly get a lot of repeat customers.

4/11/09 For our 9th anniversary, *}{* Honorsquad }MH{ received some updates to the server.  We’re hosting Ranked 32 Player BF2142 Titan Server, 16 Player BF Vietnam Server, 16 Player BF2 AIX Coop Server, 32 Player BF1942 Desert Combat Coop Server, 3 Ventrilo Servers, and have added a 16 player COD 2 Server.  JimmyR*}{* is helping create a mod for the COD2 server.  We were hoping to have a Novalogic retrospective for the month; however it seems as though Novalogic has made it difficult to host from home.






You can send a Private Message to R*}{*Rabbit, Ollie North*}{* or Lion}MH{Heart through the Forums of www.honorsquad.com.